Saturday, June 2, 2007

tributus illogica!!

well..the following words were penned down during a boring class.just random thoughts rhymed on if u can:

Unasked I answer
Unanswered I ask-
The questions to those answers
Whose questions I have lost
The path of my vision
So blindly do I seek
The lily so white
The shepherd so meek!
Those springs of water
That rivulet that shines
Ringing in the moonlight
All pleasures which are mine!
The dewdrops of the sun
The music of the rain
Lonely light of the star
The shepherd with his pain…
The song of the wind
The grace of the deer,
The flight of the rabbit,
Eyes full of fear!
The footprint on ice,
The touch of pure snow,
The colony of fireflies,
With such heavenly a glow
The chorus of the nightingales
Their song so mellow
The shepherd with his sheep,
O what a fine fellow!
A thought in the wild
A passion so grudged..
They tell me judge not others
So you shall not be judged!
A song not yet sung
A step not yet taken
An arrow not yet shot
My heart not yet shaken!
In fears of my actions
Let the lost go forth first,
Dissolving into nothingness
Disintegration, dust to dust!
Catching my fancies,
Dropping my dreams,
I scream with laughter,
With laughter I scream!
Stepping stones of fortune,
Drowned in the high tide
The shepherd with his sheep,
In the moonlight they cried!
The still lake reflected
The shooting star across the sky
The cricket he sang,
Among the blossoms so shy!
Under the banyan
I look for the sheep
For the shepherd who herds them
For the shepherd who did weep
I have heard the gods
Nothing new do they teach
The sheep trust the shepherd
Let their trust not be breached
The meek shall inherit the earth
The shepherd mows the meadows
When man lusts for bread!
Eve tells adam,
‘stay way, its original sin’
When both shall lose each other,
Tell me who shall win?