Saturday, September 27, 2008

is there a meaning?

is there any meaning to it all? a trace of it? duzz it even cause a blip on the cosmic monitor? how wud even that matter?

if theres anyone out there (slogan for SETI) who successfully sees a meaning.. just holler!

what if theres actually no meaning? now we can chose to think either of the two: yes meaning or no meaning.

so duzz that mean that its all what we make it out to be?

is there no tangiible reality?

is it one large blueberry cheese cake?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

promises made to onself..

now help me on this one:

1) what is the shittiest promise that one can make to oneself?

is it:

a) denying yourself cheese
b) denying yourself chocolate
c) going on further and denying yourself the basic neural impulses which largely dominate your cerebellum for most of the day
d) all of the above
e) what the hell

have you ever made a promise to yourself, which, in its moment of conception looks grand and supreme? But when it comes to carrying out the same, it turns out to be a torturous, ball-crunching, strawberry smelling, no-brainer, ball crunching (did i mention it earlier) ordeal! It defies all the rules of the 'here and now' theory, puts the makers of 'kal ho naa ho' to shame and generally creates a sickly feeling in one of the recesses of your stomach.

well..i have made such a promise... and whosoever has the misfortune of reading this..i shall tell you not to do the same and save your intestines a lot of stress.