Wednesday, January 7, 2009

An undelivered letter..

I found this lying somewhere..

"You make me want to believe in God. You make me feel that everything is so right when im with you, everything seems wrong when im not. You make me believe that every romantic song was written for me. You make me feel nice about having a stubble. You make me want to stop being a kid and become the person who will shield you from all unhappiness. You make me want to take care of you. You make me want to be 26. And then you tell me that age doesnt matter.
You make me want to listen to Fuzon where I would ve listened to Timbaland. You make me steal glances at you when you’re not looking. You make me wish that your house was far far away when I start walking you home. You make me feel like being a better person. You make me wish that you’re thinking about me when we are walking silently. You make me know that its not always the cold which makes me shiver randomly when I think about you. You make me want to say something funny so that I can watch you laugh. You make me want to take a bath before coming to meet you. You make me feel like doing stuff which I shouldn’t do. Like giving you this letter. You make me feel like a superstar when you hold my hand. You make me want to know seven languages so that I can say all I want without your understanding it.
You are. And you make me be.
And all this without even trying."

Hmm..what to say now!


Vishav Vikram said...

man u sure are a bitch in heats..i think i shud check debonair for some timbaland stuff...hehe..and in the multilingual category...bhojpuri i guess

eddies said...


biggest ironies of modern life.

sakshi said...

Hey it was beautiful....nd i really wish if someone cud feel dis way for me!!!!!