Sunday, July 12, 2009

letter for slug

dear slug

I was lying on my bed, thinking about the day that had gone by, which seemed suspiciously like yesterday..and tomorrow seemed no different. It was then that a wave of nostalgia swept me off my moorings and images of chilly wintery evenings, spent in the company of good friends started flashing in my mind. Nostalgia would be a wrong word because this never happened. Picture the following montage:

" getting off work..with the excitement of meeting friends..on a chilly night, around a little bonfire.. reminiscing..talking about the mysteries of the universe..eric cartman..abusing..laughing..getting sad..coke with ice..sometimes coffee too..going cycling on rainy days and foggy nights..and the works"

Is it too much to ask for?? or is it kinda like wishing for the eighth harry potter book?

dont tell me " u can get it"..give me a plan of action. :)

in distress and joy



Jerry said...

Hello Abhay, I just got introduced to your blog today.

This post interests me in particular. What made you write this? I'm curious about your use of the names 'slug' and 'Frisco'.

Have you read Atlas Shrugged?

Would love to hear from you.


the storyteller said...

hii jerry..yes the names slug and frisco are from atlas shrugged..we are two frnds who use those names for each other.

what made me write this? im clueless :)

Jerry said...

Hello storyteller,

Is Atlas Shrugged a favorite novel from your younger years?

I can't remember how I stumbled upon your site the first time. In any case, I happen to have studied Ayn Rand in college and am a big fan of hers. Which is why I was drawn to comment on this post of yours.

In fact, I even run an Ayn Rand fans club in Mumbai.

the storyteller said...

i dnt know if its a favorite..but yes i really liked it..and the names stuck hows the club going jerry

Jerry said...

Club's a bit quieter now. It's heyday was when I had more time out of work--I had organized a book launch on Ayn Rand's 100th anniversary and a celebration I organized on the 50th Anniversary or Atlas Shrugged.

It's been good. There's one coming up later this month. Typically, there's only a few of us who attend every meet. It's mostly about a good intellectually stimulating discussion and some lattes. :)

What do you do?

the storyteller said...

im a film maker :)